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Atelie " Colibri "
we sew leotards for rhythmic gymnastics,ice skating,
group acrobatics and aerobics
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Rhinestones Swarovski ss16\ss20 colour - crystal (Austria)
  • size ss16 (4mm)\ ss20 (5 mm) ---------$ 10 (9,5€) for 100 pieces.
Rhinestones Swarovski ss16\ss20 colour - АВ or colored (Austria)
  • size ss16 (4mm)\ ss20 (5 mm) ---------$ 12 (11.4€) for 100 pieces.
Sew-on Rhinestones – Middle
Hotfix & Sew-on Rhinestones – Middle
ss30, ss40 & 10-14 mm(round, drops, ovals)----------$ 1 for 1 piece.

Sew-on Rhinestones – Large
Sew-on Rhinestones – Large
16-26 mm (rounds, drops, ovals, triangles, squares) - $ 2 for 1 piece.

Rhinestones DMS ss16\ss20 colour - crystal (Korea, China)
size ss16 (4mm)\ ss20 (5 mm)-$ 5(4,75€) for 100 pieces.
Rhinestones DMS ss16\ss20 colour - АВ or colored (Korea, China)
size ss16 (4mm)\ ss20 (5 mm) -$ 6 (5.7€) for 100 pieces.
Decorating with pearls
  • Different diameters and colours-$ 5 for 100 pieces.
Sew-on acrylic mirror- Small
acrylic mirror of different forms
10-20 mm  - $ 0,5$ for 1 piece.
Sew-on acrylic mirror - Large
acrylic mirror of different forms
22-37mm  - $ 1$ for 1 piece.

Specify the amount you would like to decorate with Rhinestones / pearls.
(Specify also the currency: $ or €)
Decoration for a total of
​If You do not know what kind of rhinestones need and how much - You can trust the choice of decoration of Your leotard to masters of our atelier.

​Enter the amount by which you want to make a decoration of leotard and we will do the best decor for you.
(Specify also the currency only $ or €) Not another currency.
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How to contact
Cost can be found by clicking on "Price" under the photos of the model.

For other questions
Contact person:
Lena Ushakova (Sharafutdinova)
Ukraine, Chernivtsy
Еmail: ateliecolibri@gmail.com or

Phone +38050664257
Skype: ushakova.lena

Please, in work days.

Ushakov Andrey
Ukraine, Chernivtsi
Еmail: ateliecolibri@gmail.com
Phone +380506663030

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