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Atelie " Colibri "
we sew leotards for rhythmic gymnastics,ice skating,
group acrobatics and aerobics
Sketches and Designs
  • You can order sewing of leotard  unique design as well as the development of a preliminary sketch.
  • Cost of sketch - $ 50 ( €45 )
  • If you want to order the development of a sketch for the beginning you give (or do not give) guidance, to express wishes concerning leotard, colors, skirts (forms),
  • After paying for the sketch, several sketches are drawn, you choose the one you like, we modify it (if necessary) and run to work..
  •  We make a few options and you make choices that suits You or parts which are You like. Next, make clarifications or changes to the final version of the sketch.
New Proposition
How to contact
Cost can be found by clicking on "Price" under the photos of the model.

For other questions
Contact person:
Lena Ushakova (Sharafutdinova)
Ukraine, Chernivtsy
Еmail: ateliecolibri@gmail.com or

Phone +38050664257
Skype: ushakova.lena

Please, in work days.

Ushakov Andrey
Ukraine, Chernivtsi
Еmail: ateliecolibri@gmail.com
Phone +380506663030

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