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Atelie " Colibri "
we sew leotards for rhythmic gymnastics,ice skating,
group acrobatics and aerobics
Is pleased to welcome you to our site!

Modern design and quality - is what you will find with us. Here you can browse the catalog of the proposed models to order. We can sew our leotards and make a swimsuit under your sketch.

We hope that you will find we have what you're looking, and we want to help your gymnast to win!

Sincerely, Elena Ushakova!
Rhythmic gymnastics - the wonderful world of art, vivid movements and spirituality skill you hit. Character, artistic and natural data is that all in the complex for the  gymnast to win. But beyond that, we must not forget about the appearance.

 Leotard is very important for gymnasts. It helps to reveal the composition, complete the image, add character or just remember the carpet among hundreds of other participants.

 Today there are many studios, shops and a masters specializing in sewing and selling swimwear for rhythmic gymnastics.

And if you choose us, you should know:

  • We did not come to his work formulaic!
  • We do not stop half way and are constantly improving. On the page «New models» You can see it!
  • Our prices are more than loyal.
  • All of our customers, still our friends!
  • In addition to the work carried out by us, you will get positive emotions and the feeling that everything is exactly as you would like, and we hope, the desire to come back to us again!
Atelier "Colibri" deals design, sewing and decorating costumes for artistic gymnastics and figure skating for over 10 years. We sew for athletes around the world, our clients live in Russia, USA, Germany, Israel, Spain, Italy, Holland, Greece, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Hungary.
Work under the order. Our product is an original work, made for a particular client, taking into account everything from the external data to the music.
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Cost can be found by clicking on "Price" under the photos of the model.

For other questions
Contact person:
Lena Ushakova (Sharafutdinova)
Ukraine, Chernivtsy
Еmail: ateliecolibri@gmail.com or

Phone +38050664257
Skype: ushakova.lena

Please, in work days.

Ushakov Andrey
Ukraine, Chernivtsi
Еmail: ateliecolibri@gmail.com
Phone +380506663030

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