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Atelie " Colibri "
we sew leotards for rhythmic gymnastics,ice skating,
group acrobatics and aerobics
Our Friends
We are pleased that the geography of our friends has been steadily expanding. I would like to see on this page, all those with whom we have had a chance to meet.
Send us your best photo and video links to stories about your sports life.

Our little friend from Poland, Nina White. He represents the KSGA Legion Warszawa club. She was born in 2010. Nina has been training for a year. She is in love with artistic gymnastics and begins her first successes.
Our friends from España. Club Natación Pamplona. December 2017.
Our friend from Mosbach, Germany wrote to us after the performance:
"I had a competition called "Landesturnfest". This competition is our "Baden-Württembergische Meisterschaft", so all
gymnasts of our region participated there.
One of my routines was finished two weeks ago, so I was a little bit unsure, but in the end, I'm very happy with my 7th place in a
strong field of participants.
My club is the TV Mosbach.
Thank you a lot for your wonderful work!! I love my new leotard (and also the leotard from two years ago :))!!
On the other picture, you can see me and my friend Sandra Petric."
Thank you for the kind words and photos. And we congratulate on a good result !!! (May, 2018)
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For other questions
Contact person:
Lena Ushakova (Sharafutdinova)
Ukraine, Chernivtsy
Еmail: ateliecolibri@gmail.com or

Phone +38050664257
Skype: ushakova.lena

Please, in work days.

Ushakov Andrey
Ukraine, Chernivtsi
Еmail: ateliecolibri@gmail.com
Phone +380506663030

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